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Our Vision:

Nature is full of secrets. We want to discover, learn and protect. With the Floranium lamp, we want to make people more aware of all the wonderful green life which is surrounding us everywhere!

Plants react very sensitively to environmental changes. We want to find out how.

If we would be able to interpret the signals our flora is sending us, we could develop one of the most powerful environmental biosensor network system our planet has ever seen.

There are endless applications and interesting things we will discover, if we are able to understand the signature of the life of plants.

The next FLORANIUM generations will have an interface to the Internet so people will be able to connect their FLORANIUM to the web.

Data of Electrochemical Patterns from plants can be compared over the Internet with other FLORANIUM owners, and relations to environmental changes can be identified.

FLORANIUM owners will be able to interchange their discoveries and discuss them with others in the FLORANIUM Community.

With the development of pattern recognition algorithms, alerts can be set and maybe, we will be able to predict certain natural catastrophes or disasters. Just like animals - running away days before something bad happens.

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