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How does the FLORANIUM work?

When you turn on your FLORANIUM lamp, it will display a slow pulsating blue glowing light indicating that the device is in “stand-by” mode.

As soon as it is connected to the plant, the FLORANIUM lamp will respond with a faster pulsating green or red glowing light while it is calibrating.

Within a few minutes, the calibration process is complete and the FLORANIUM lamp will show the living signature of your plant.


The FLORANIUM lamp uses electrodes for measuring these signals. A ground probe is inserted into the plant's soil and an electrode is connected directly to the plant's leaf using a special adhesive paste.

The chemical reaction which takes place at this junction causes an electron flow to occur. The electron flow is measured with a very sensitive bio-signal amplifier. The amplifier is connected to a micro-controller which processes the plant's bio-signal and converts it into a colorful LED display for viewing.

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