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FLORANIUM is designed and developed by Light Art Vision.

Back in the 80s, inspired by the book 'The Secret Life of Plants' and Cleve Backster's polygraph tests with plants, it all started when we built a plant measuring chamber using an old dishwasher. Then, we developed very sensitive signal amplifiers to measure bio-signals from plants. When we saw the responses of plants the first time, we where blown away! How can this fantastic discovery be brought to the people, we thought. The basic idea of Floranium was born.

Since then, our passion for discovering the secret life of plants never went away.

Light Art Vision was founded in 1997 in South Germany as an electronic engineering and industrial design firm. Light Art Vision won several awards including the German Award - OTTO VON GUERICKE.

Presenting the perfect balance between electronic engineering, aesthetics, simplicity, and perfect usability, Light Art Vision successfully helped more than 50 clients in Germany, Switzerland, USA, Taiwan, and China to innovate.


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