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The belief that green plants communicate, interact, and react to certain circumstances is not new. Here is a hand selected collection of resources for download:

Floranium Brochure:

The Secret Live of Plants lives on:

Floranium User Guide:

Floranium - Interacting with green plants:

The Secret Life of Plants - by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird:

Das geheime Leben der Pflanzen (Deutsch) - Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird:


Do Plants Respond to Pain?:
Do Plants Respond to Pain?

BBC: Extrasensory Perception - Plants:
Extrasensory Perception - Plants

Cleve Backster's first experiments 1966:
Secret Live of Plants

Cleve Backster, Primary Perception:

Secret Life of Plants to The Play of Light:

Plant perception - study of paranormal phenomenon and biocommunication in plant cells:
Plant perception

Bose Crescograph:

Plant Signaling & Behavior:

Plant neurobiology: an integrated
view of plant signaling:

Green Plants as Environmental Biosensors:

Electrochemistry of PLant Life:
Green plants: Electrochemical interfaces

Green circuits - The potential of plant specific ion channels:

Biomonitoring of Environmental Pollution Using Dielectric Properties of Tree Leaves:

Studies on the plant electric wave signal by the wavelet analysis:

Plant Signaling & Behavior: A very good resource for all who want to know more about the life of plants:

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