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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are green plants really able to feel our presence? Do they react to life threatening circumstances? Are plants connected in a certain way with each other?

Nobody probably can really answer those kind of questions. But what we can answer is, what the Floranium really is, what it does and how it works:

Floranium - Interacting with green plants:


Q: Do the colors have a meaning? e.g. Red for bad mood or green for good mood?
A: No. The colors rollover in two directions depending on the signal level. If the measured voltage from the plant is slowly rising, the colors fade from red to green to blue to red. If the voltage goes down, the colors would fade Red - Blue - Green - Red ... Imagine an arm in a watch with a circular rainbow colored scale moving forward and backward.

Q: Should we remove the conductive paste periodically so that the plant is not harmed?
A: Yes. Unfortunately, the conductive paste leaves a brown spot on the leaf after a while. Depending on how sensitively the plant reacts to the paste, every couple of days is a good interval to change. Clean the leaf carefully with a wet paper towel after the electrode is removed.

Q: How does the conductive paste affect the color changes?
A: The conductive paste itself does not affect the color changes.

Q: Does this work on any kind of plant?
A: Basically, Yes. Underwater plants might not work because the surrounding water might affect the reading.

Q: Is the conductor on a timer to change light color automatically?
A: No. Every change of color is caused by influences from the plant and its environment.

Q: Are all changes of the color caused by the plant organism only?
A: No. Floranium is an extremely sensitive sensor. Electrostatic charges affect the color changes as well.

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