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Welcome to FLORANIUM - the mood lamp, connected to a living bio-organism!

FLORANIUM lamps (some people now call them PLANT AVATARS, AVATAR LAMPS or AVATAR LIGHT) are innovative life indicators that allow you to visualize activities of living plants, caused by movement, touch, changes in climate, environment and many other elements of life.

It's a whole new way to interact with green plants.

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Some believe plants can feel our presence...

Are we all connected in some way? Is it a communication between auras, Bio-Photons or electromagnetic fields from one source to another?

Watch as plants respond to touch, weather changes, water and more...

The FLORANIUM lamp will transition from one color to another when it is attached to your plant.

The fundamental colors of red, green and blue are used to create a vibrant visual display of rich tonal colors as your plant responds to a touch, a moving hand or other changes in its environment.